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Welcome to my little corner on the internet! If you are here you are probably looking for help regarding The Binding of Isaac. If so, use the menu above to navigate through the various sections that cover almost everything included in the game. If you came here and still don't know what The Binding of Isaac is, then do yourself a favor and read the rest of this short introduction. You will thank me later!


What is The Binding of Isaac?

The Binding of Isaac is a top down shooter created by Edmund McMillen that features a top of different rooms, monsters, items, and other magnificent content! Each play through is randomly generated so you can be sure that no two runs are the same. The game also has an expansion pack called Wrath of the Lamb that comes in DLC form and adds a ton of new content to the game. The original game and expansion pack together cost a mere $9 (as of writing) so make sure you pick them up from their Steam page.

Surprisingly, there are also two collector's editions available for this game. The first is called Unholy Edition while the second is called Most Unholy Edition. You can find our review of the first here, and the review for the second here.

If you want a more in-depth look at the game have a look at our review.


What is this place?

After having completed over a hundred Binding of Isaac runs I figured it was about time I shared my knowledge with the rest of the gaming world. On this website you will find a full game guide that is 100% free, covering all aspects of the game. The guide will be updated regularly so stay tuned and visit often!

If you can't find something on this site, try checking the Binding of Isaac Wiki. It is updated by a large community so chances are you will find what you need.