Binding of Isaac Controls

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Created on: 27 November, 2012 - Last Modified: 12 December, 2012

Binding of Isaac Controls

The Binding of Isaac is not a particularly complicated game, however there are a few buttons you need to remember when playing. Although the first room in every run will give you a rundown of the controls, not all of the keys are listed here. The purpose of this page is to give you a short and sweet listing of all of the controls found in the game including miscellaneous keys such as the mute key.


W A S D - Moves the character up, left, down, and right respectively.

Arrow Keys - Makes Isaac shoot in the direction you press.

Mouse Click - Can be used as an alternative to the arrow keys when shooting.

Space Bar - Uses the currently equipped item, as shown below:

Binding of Isaac Controls

Shift or E - Drops a bomb at your current location. Protip: RUN!

Q - Uses the currently equipped "single use" item. This can be a Tarot Card or a pill and is shown as below:

Binding of Isaac Controls

P or ESC - Pauses the game while also showing you all of your collected items and stats.

I - Changes the game's quality. A small message shows up in the bottom right corner of the game telling you what the quality was changed to.

H - Changes the size of the window.

ESC (while game is paused) - Gives you an option to quit the current run.

P (while game is paused) - Unpauses the game.

F (while game is paused) - Toggles fullscreen mode.

M - Mutes or unmutes the music. This does not effect sound effects.


The game also supports AZERTY keyboards and key flips for left handed people. To utilize these options pause the game (P or ESC), then click on Options, then click on Controls at the bottom. You should see a screen similar to the one below:

Binding of Isaac Controls

Simply click on the desired options to turn then on or off.

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